Wellness Update #1

Last Thursday, I received my blood test results after waiting for 15 stressful days! I was so anxious to review them with the physician’s assistant. Many fears crossed my mind: thyroid problems, anemia, vitamin/mineral deficiency, etc. My stress was relieved when I discovered that the problem was my gut, and I can fix it! The physician’s assistant explained to me that I have very very high sensitivities to gluten and dairy (especially whey) – that of which I NEVER would have known if I didn’t have the blood test done! Not only that, but I also have high sensitivities to eggs and beef. I was happy to find out that I had no sensitivity to any seafood, so I can continue to eat as a seagan (new word for some people, saving it for a later post lol).

The physician assistant also covered hormone levels with me. All of my hormones (testosterone, DHEA, estrone, estradiol, estrone, FSH, sex hormone, insulin, and prolactin) all looked great, except for my progesterone. The PA mentioned that this could be due to my current sensitivities. By fixing my diet, my progesterone levels could be much better! Fixing my progesterone levels can fix my  monthly periods, cravings, stress level, and improve my mood. I was incredibly excited for this good news.

Aside from that, metabolic function, renal function, electrolytes, liver function, thyroid function, albumin, and CBC’s looked great and my BMI turned out to be 20.7 (the norm is 18.5-24.9). I also confirmed my severe allergies to different grasses and weeds, that of which were no surprise to me…lol they were soo bad. Weird discovery: I’m not allergic to cockroaches…yes, they seriously tested for this.

Today is the first day in a long, long time that I actually feel confident about my body. It hasn’t even been a week since I got my blood test results, and both my energy level and mood have increased, while bloating and discomfort have decreased. I strongly recommend getting a blood test and interpreting your results with a health professional! There is so much you have to discover about yourself, everyone is different. Go figure out what will work best for you!


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  1. Meg Heffner
    September 21, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    This is so inspiring! I’m definitely going to look into NAVA. Thanks for the great advice!

    • mckenziesgallagher@gmail.com
      September 21, 2016 / 1:07 pm

      Let me know if you’re interested in a coupon! It will save you $50 on the follow-up

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