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I remember stressing so much over homecoming during high school! So much, so, that I didn’t go to my junior or senior homecomings. I have helped my sisters prepare for the event a TON these past couple of years, and KNOW there are girls out there with no experience, no older sisters, and a mom that hasn’t been to a homecoming in 30 years (how my situation was…but thank you, Meg Heffner, for being my stand in older sister)…that being said, I am here to help! Big tip: go for simple, elegant, and classy! Flowey, moveable dresses that you’ll be able to wear again and again are always a great option…you’ll thank me later. Below, I have pictures of past homecoming dresses we have worn, my favorite dress websites, makeup and hair ideas, and a few getting ready videos. I hope to post a video for Bronwyn’s homecoming (UPDATE: Bebe’s homecoming video is here). Good luck homecomingers <3


1.) Here is a dress that my younger sister purchased and wore to one of her homecomings:

2.) This dress is another one that offers a light, flirty feel. My sister thinks she ordered it from PromGirl, however I believe they tend to be overpriced if you can’t find anything under $150!

3.) This dress has a gorgeous color! I love the lace detailing, as well:

4.) This dress was purchased from Dainty Hooligan for my junior year homecoming…that I never went to! I wouldn’t recommend wearing this as a freshman (hence, why my sister isn’t wearing it to her homecoming) but it’s great for sophomores and above!

5.) I love the modesty that this dress offers! This is another one that was ordered from Dainty Hooligan. It is conservative, but still has a gorgeous open backing! Long sleeves are great if your homecomings tend to be on the chillier side.

6.) This last dress is my absolute FAVORITE! Gorgeous detailing…Bronwyn’s only complaint was that it was itchy. However, she does have very sensitive skin. I say stick through the pain, because this dress is adorable!




Dainty Hooligan

Amazing Lace

The Rage

Urban Outfitters

If you have the expenses: Free People or Anthropologie


I love how this look fades from dark to gold to dark to burgendy…perfect for fall!


Love this simple face and hair!


This one is great, because it shows you the steps! If you’re a freshman, I would strongly recommend sticking to something more simple like this.



AWESOME coverage, and not a bad price!


Apply foundation with a beauty blender for a photo ready, matte face. There are much cheaper ones outside of Sephora.



Love the simple elegance of the bow with the half up, half down


The link to this picture actually shows you a tutorial of how to complete this look! So awesome for the simple, but elegant style!


This one is awesome if you’re looking to wear your hair up and stay cool


This link actually comes with a tutorial as well! The little flower in the back is sooo cute


HERE is a video of some heatless hair tutorials for you hair savers 😉


(You may need to skip through some chatting to get to the actual video)

Hannah Blair

Vivian V


If you’re contemplating whether you should go or not, go

You DO NOT need a date! Both girls and guys! Have a good time with your friends

Wear small, classy earrings/jewelry…less is more

Take socks and a hair tie (if your hair is down) with you

When choosing a shoe, remember that heels without a wedge will sink in the grass

Stick with a natural look that won’t look outdated in 10 years

Consider spandex

Eat some good food, drink lots of water, and stay safe 😉

H A P P Y  H O M E C O M I N G !

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