Four Outfit Ideas for the Winter

These outfits were more so for inspiration, rather than the clothing themselves. The first outfit is a simple red top with the most adorable sleeves! I put a black slip underneath. I believe this one was from Nordstrom Rack. We have a few of these and they really come in handy. I had a super hard time finding the whole outfit online; I’m assuming neither the top or bottoms are available anymore, but I know the bottoms are from Athleta! The second outfit is sort of festive. I threw on a burgundy choker from American Eagle. The sweater is from Free People, the jacket was a gift, the leggings are from Athleta, and the boots are a super old pair from DSW. The third outfit is a thick, chunky sweater from my grandfather. The jacket is my mom’s, and the leggings are from Athleta. The bracelets are from Buckle! Love the turquoise in them. The boots are actually old boots that my mom distressed and added new belts to. The final outfit is a flannel and sweater from American Eagle and the leggings are from Athleta. The shoes are from DSW and the purse is Coach.

I hope you all had a super awesome holiday! I had such a blast seeing all of my family. We spent our morning as a family, early afternoon with our mom’s side, went over to our dad’s side in the evening, and then the girls and I went straight to a close family friend’s house for a slumber party! Next year I’d really like to make a video for all of it. I’m curious, what did you all do this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. July 31, 2017 / 2:36 pm

    Your style inspire me soooooo much! Love you!

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